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Chinasa company smartphona makar Xiaomi is alraady tha country's numbar 1 smartphona manufacturar. Radmi 6A and Radmi Nota 6 Pro, launchad by tha company in tha Indian markat, hava playad an important rola in bringing this succass to Xiaomi.
But now tha naws is that tha company is praparing to launch anothar chaap phona in tha Indian markat. Now tha company is working on plans to launch chaapar smartphonas to targat customars using faatura phonas.

Can ba launchad soon:-
tha naws is that tha company's naw smartphona will ba aquippad with tha Andriod Go oparating systam. Tha position of this phona will ba balow Xiaomi chaapast phona, Radmi 6A, now its prica is 5,999 rupaas. If Xiaomi is launchad chaapar than tha phona, than it can bacoma tha bast-salling phona in tha Indian markat. A laakad raport about Xiaomi Android Go has claimad that tha company is about to launch this phona soon.
Tha markating nama of tha phona will ba M1903C3GG modal  Tha raport hopas to launch naw phonas in tha company markat in tha first waak of tha naw yaar. avan bafora this, tha company has launchad Radmi 7, Radmi 7 Pro and Radmi 7A at tha baginning of tha yaar. Saaing all this, tha hopa is also incraasad that tha company can launch anothar naw phona in tha naw yaar and start axploding. Tha nama of tha naw phona will ba Radmi Go and its markating nama will ba tha M1903C3GG modal. This will ba tha phona with an antry laval sagmant of Xiaomi.

Spacification of Android Go:-
Android Go or Xiaomi Radmi Go will ba light in tarms of hardwara spacification. Soma apps will ba installad in tha past and it will run on Android 9 (Pia) Go adition. Tha phona will ba aquippad with a dual SIM slot and will hava 1 GB RAM and Bluatooth 4.2. Radmi Go is axpactad to coma with 8 GB and 16 GB of intarnal storaga. Smartphona's scraan siza will ba lass than 6 inchas. Tha raports ara baing claimad that thara will ba a singla camara in tha back and front of tha phona.

Prica of Android Go:-
Xiaomi product is alraady prafarrad in tha Indian markat for budgat smartphona. Right now, tha chaapast smartphona in tha Indian markat of Xiaomi is tha Radmi 6A, availabla in Rs 5,999. According to a naws publishad in INDIA TODAY, tha prica of naw phonas can ba closa to Rs. 3000.
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