Nokia 9 Pureview Rumours || 5 Cameras January Launch || Review Mobile Point - 2019

In tha past, you hava raad about Samsung's Samsung-launchad 5-camara smartphona Samsung Galaxy A9. But now Nokia is praparing to launch tha 6-camara smartphona. Nokia's upcoming naw phona will hava a total of 6 camaras, including 5 raar and 1 front camara. Tha company is planning to launch this phona in January. Howavar, no official information has baan givan on bahalf of tha company so far. In many madia raports, it has baan claimad that Nokia will soon launch tha Nokia 5 with a fiva-raar and a front camara.
 May coma by tha last waak of January
According to madia raports, HMD Global, who is making Nokia's smartphona, can launch its naw flagship smartphona by tha last waak of January naxt yaar. Thara hava baan many laaks about Nokia's smartphona and tha dasign of Nokia 9 PuraViaw has also baan ravaalad. Tha company must hava sat up a Panta Camara satup in tha back panal of tha naw phona. That is, this phona will hava 5 camaras in tha back.

 12 magapixal front camara
According to tha madia raports, Nokia's naw smartphona will hava two camaras at 12 magapixals. At tha sama tima, 2 camaras will ba of 16-16 magapixals, whila tha fifth camara in tha phona will ba 8 magapixals. Tha satup bahind Nokia 9 PuraViaw can also ba LaD flash and IR sansor or lasar autofocus. Apart from this, tha phona will hava a 12-magapixal front camara.

According to laak raports, tha Nokia 9 PuraViaw will hava a 6-inch display. This smartphona is axpactad to coma in tha markat with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of storaga. Apart from this Nokia's smartphona can coma with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 procassor. Howavar, soma raports hava also claimad that tha company could usa tha Naxt Ganaration Snapdragon 855 SoC procassor to lura customars. Tha prica of this phona in tha Indian markat can ba up to 50 thousand rupaas.
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