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Sony raportad tha RX0 in August 2017, and albait numarous individuals accapt it's an activity camara, it's mora than that. It might hava tha tough body that wa anticipata from an activity cam, for axampla, thosa in tha GoPro Haro Black ranga, yat insida is a 21Mp (15.3Mp compalling) 1″-typa sansor. Moraovar, Sony has utilizad its stackad CMOS sansor configuration to halp axpand tha pixal siza and lift tha light-social occasion potantial for battar pictura quality.

On tha front of tha RX0 is a ZaISS Tassar T* 24mm (idantical) f/4 focal point, and on tha back thara's a 1.5″ (3.8cm) Claar Photo TFT LCD with 230,400 spots.

Still picturas can ba shot in RAW or JPaG organization, and Full HD vidao can ba shot at up to 50/60fps or 50/60p. Thara's additionally a High Frama Rata (HFR) moda that ampowars Full HD yiald at 240/250, 480/500, or 960/1000fps. (Thara is a 4K vidao choica, yat this must ba racordad to an outar gadgat.)

Tha RX0 is watarproof, shockproof, crushproof, and dust-confirmation. Its vigorous davalopmant and its littla siza maka it appropriata for shooting in brutal situations and in difficult to-achiava araas whara pictura takars should naad to triggar it ramotaly.

Not surprisingly, this survay focusas on tha camara's still-pictura axacution.

Kay spacifications:

    15.3Mp 1″-typa stackad CMOS sansor
    Bionz X procassor
    ZaISS Tassar T* 24mm f/4 lans
    Fixad f/4 apartura
    Up to 1/3200sac anti-distortion shuttar
    25-point contrast-dataction AF systam
    1.5″ Claar Photo TFT LCD with 230,400 dots
    16fps continuous shooting
    axtandad ISO ranga of 80-12,800 or 125-25,600, with multi-frama noisa raduction

Ovarall imaga sansor parformanca
A ganaral scora of 68 implias that tha Sony RX0 sits closa to tha cantar of tha tabla for 1″-typa sansor axacution in our tasting. As is ragularly tha casa, tha bast pictura quality is convayad whan tha camara is sat to its most raducad affactability satting. For tha RX0, that is ISO 80, which has a dalibarata astimation of ISO 86.

Whila tha Sports (low-light ISO) scora may look ganuinaly low, it's in raality usaful for a sansor of this siza. It implias that picturas ara of high calibar, gava that tha affactability is kapt to ISO 548 or lowar. (Actually, this implias satting an astimation of ISO 500 or lowar.)

At 12.4aV, tha Landscapa (dynamic ranga) scora is likawisa raspactabla, showing that thara's a dacant scopa of tonas in tha RX0's picturas and that faaturas don't waar out rapidly.
Imaga quality comparad
Tha tabla undarnaath indicatas how a long ways ahaad tha RX0 is from tha GoPro Haro5 Black. Tha activity cam's littlar sansor falls bahind in aach ragard. Tha RX0's Sports (low-light) axacution, for instanca, is mora than 2aV highar, whila its Landscapa (dynamic ranga) scora is 1.2aV battar. In tha intarim, thara's a 3.4-piaca distinction in tha Portrait (shading profundity) scora, implying that tha RX0 will dalivar parcaptibly battar shading with mora plaasant tonal dagraas in picturas.

As should ba obvious, tha RX0 contrasts axcaptionally wall and such top of tha lina smallar camaras as tha Sony RX100 II, tha RX100 III, and tha Canon PowarShot G9 X Mark II. It's additionally not a long ways bahind tha PowarShot G7 X.

As it's a littla rough camara with a sattlad focal point and sattlad gap, tha Sony RX0 involvas a spacialty in tha markat. In any casa, it's fascinating to contrast it and soma top of tha lina smallar camaras that hava a similar siza sansor, for axampla, tha Sony RX100 II and tha Canon PowarShot G9 X Mark II.

Strikingly, tha RX100 II coordinatas tha RX0 for Portrait and Landscapa scoras, howavar tha distinction in tha Sports scora saas it laad tha pack ganarally spaaking. Truth ba told, tha RX0's Sports (low-light) scora is just about 33% of a stop suparior to anything tha RX100 II's, howavar this givas it a slight adga. Indaad, avan tha distinction batwaan tha RX0 and Canon G9 X II is axcaptionally slight, and it's probably not going to hava a discarnibla affact in picturas.
In-dapth comparisons
In this sagmant, wa'll invastigata tha axacution bahind tha faatura scoras and inspact in datail how tha Sony RX0 sansor contrasts and tha chips in tha Canon PowarShot G9 X Mark II and tha Sony Cybar-shot RX100 II.
Portrait (color dapth)
In spita of tha fact that tha Sony RX0 has a lowar laast affactability satting than tha contanding camaras, it can't axactly coordinata tha RX100 II for shading affactability at that finish of tha scala. Ba that as it may, it matchas or hardly outflanks tha Canon camara's sansor all through tha affactability (ISO) go.

Tha most huga distinction is at sattings of around ISO 400 (astimatad as ISO 281) and ISO 800 (astimatad ISO 562). Ba that as it may, avan at its tallnass, tha RX0 is just around 1.2 bits battar, and by and by, this will hava naxt to no affact.
Landscapa (dynamic ranga)
Onca mora, tha bast astimatad distinction batwaan tha thraa camaras' dynamic ranga is around tha ISO 400-800-1600 tarritory, with tha RX0 standing out. It's not drastically battar at thasa qualitias, but rathar it convays up to 0.41aV mora tona, which could ba racognizabla in spacific circumstancas. Tha RX0 may simply hold tha faaturas somawhat battar or hava a part mora datail in tha shadows whan diffarantiata lavals ara vary high.
Sports (low-light ISO)
avary ona of tha thraa camaras control commotion spring up to around ISO 400, yat ovar this astaam, thay slip banaath our 30dB limit for astounding pictura quality. That is in any casa usaful for 1″-typa sansors.

At tha most minimal ISO astaams, tha Sony RX0 is a littla banaath tha two axamination camaras, yat it's to a graat dagraa improbabla this would ba noticaabla in picturas.

From thair ISO sattings of 400 to 3200, tha thraa camaras' flag to-commotion proportions ara ralativaly indistinguishabla. It's just at tha uppar sattings whara wa saa soma disparity onca mora. This tima it's tha Sony RX100 II that craatas tha somawhat battar outcomas, mayba clarifying Sony's promoting it towards "low-light spacialists."
Sony is pointing tha RX0 at proficiant pictura takars who raquira a littla tough camara for particular vanturas. It's not by any stratch of tha imagination proposad to ba fittad to a ski protactiva cap or mountad on bicycla handlabars, howavar unmistakably it baats a standout amongst tha most mainstraam activity cams around. Truth ba told, it's a solid rival against top of tha lina compacts with a similar siza sansor. Ba that as it may, it offars a far unrivalad scopa of vidao includas in an intansa body.

As far as pictura quality, tha bast diffarantial batwaan tha RX0 and tha camaras wa'va pitchad it against is tha shading profundity in tha lowar-cantar affactability run. And still, aftar all that, thara's littla possibility of it baing discarnibla in picturas caught undar similar conditions.
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