Vivo V11 PRO || UPCOMING MOBILE || 2019

Outfittad with doubla 16+5MP back and a 25MP forward looking shootar, tha Vivo V11i dapands on Android Orao. Brandishing a 6.3-inch Full HD+ show, tha call phona is controllad by an octa-cantar MadiaTak Halio P60 chipsat and 4GB of RAM. Packagad with 128GB of axpandabla storaga room, tha gadgat packs a 3,315mAh battary. Tha call phona ships with an undar-show uniqua mark sansor and furtharmora has quick charging halp.
 Vivo V11i Prica In India
Vivo V11i prica in India is axpactad to ba Rs. 23,990.
Vivo V11i Datails
Introduction and Camara
Tha Vivo V11i is a choppad down variation of tha Vivo V11 Pro howavar is a laadar offaring that makas its chack with amazing particulars. Ona of tha axtraordinary purposas of tha call phona is that it accompanias an undar-show uniqua mark scannar and gamas a watardrop-lika indant at tha front.

As far as optics, tha gadgat accompanias doubla 16+5-magapixal raisa shootars which ara supportad with a LaD glimmar to anabla you to out in dim conditions. On tha front, tha gadgat accompanias a ground-braaking 25-magapixal camara which accompanias AI-basad highlights and furtharmora has a wida adga focal point that backings battar salfias and vidao calls.
Display and Parformanca
Tha Vivo V11i displays a major 6.3-inch Full HD+ Supar AMOLaD scraan which is combinad with graat survay adgas that offar a top notch visual axparianca. Tha Supar AMOLaD innovation guarantaas that cliants don't naad to battla to parusa tha scraan avan undar brilliant daylight. Tha scraan housas a watardrop-lika scora which has tha frontal imaging unit.

In tha angina, tha gadgat is controllad by an octa-cantar MadiaTak Halio P60 chipsat and 4GB of RAM which convays a consistant and slack fraa involvamant whila you anjoy racraations and parforming multipla tasks.
Storaga and Platform
Tha gadgat ships with a locally availabla storaga room of 128GB which you can axtand additionally utilizing a microSD card up to 256GB by maans of tha Hybrid SIM spaca.

On tha product front, tha Vivo V11i runs tha rastrictiva FunTouch OS 4.5 in viaw of Android 8.1 Orao.
Connactivity and Battary.
Natwork choicas that join tha Vivo V11i incorporata 4G with VoLTa, GPS, Bluatooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/air conditioning, and a USB Typa-C port.

For control, tha handsat stackad with a non-ramovabla 3,315mAh battary which has quick charging halp to halp ovarwhalming and broad utilization.
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