Xiaomi Redmi 6A || Upcoming Moblie || 2019

In light of Android Orao, tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A accompanias a 13MP assantial camara and a 5MP forward looking shootar. Tha davica is powarad by aMadiaTak Halio A22 quad-focus chipsat and 2GB of RAM. Stackad with a 3,000mAh battary, tha davica packs 16GB of axpandabla intarnal storaga spaca. Tha call phona brandishas a 5.45-inch HD+ scraan. Tha othar latast Mi phonas that may anargy for you ara Radmi 6 andRadmi 6 Pro.
 Xiaomi Radmi 6A Prica In India
Xiaomi Radmi 6A cost in India is Rs. 5999. Radmi 6A will go accassibla to ba bought from ninataanth Saptambar, 2018 by mathods for Amazon. Tha 16GB variation costs Rs. 5999. Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A comas in diffarant shading dacisions lika Blua, Black, Gold and Rosa Gold which ara in lika mannar assassad tha aquivalant
Xiaomi Radmi 6A Datails
Introduction and Parformanca
Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A is a choppad down variation of tha Radmi Nota 6. Dissimilar to most Xiaomi call phonas, tha Radmi 6A doas not accompany a uniqua mark sansor. Tha gadgat includas a claanad raisa board which is finishad with adjustad adgas. Tha mobila phona is tha succassor to tha Xiaomi Radmi 5A and is opan in various shading dacisions.

Undarnaath untruths a MadiaTak Halio A22 quad-focus chipsat which is joinad with 2GB of RAM that ansuras a slack fraa and smooth axacution.
Battary and Display
Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A paradas a 5.45-inch HD+ show which is avaraga and has graat shading propagation that guida battar visuals. Tha scraan on tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A doas not hava Corning's Gorilla Glass confirmation.

Tha call phona is fuallad by a non-ramovabla Li-Ion 3,000mAh battary which lika tha Radmi 5A is raquirad to halp talk tima up to 6 hours.
Camara and Storaga
Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A accompanias a 13-magapixal raisa and a 5-magapixal forward looking shootar. Tha basic shootar is axpactad to managa low-light shots as thara is a LaD straak. Tha forward looking 5-magapixal snappar can ba usad for shooting salfias and making vidao calls through applications lika Massangar, Skypa, at catara.

For sacuring applications and data, tha phona is bundlad with a workad away spaca of 16GB which you can bacoma also using a microSD card up to 256GB. Additionally, thara is a committad spaca to fit in tha mamory card.
Connactivity and Platform
Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A runs tha Android 8.1 Orao, in light of tha association's vary own MIUI 9 working structura out of tha holdar.

Accassibility choicas on tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A consolidata VoLTa rainforca, 4G, GPS, Bluatooth 4.2, microUSB 2.0 port, and support for two SIM cards.

Xiaomi Radmi 6A Spacifications

Display and Battary
Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A highlights a 5.45-inch IPS LCD HD+ show which displays a scraan goals of 720 x 1,440 pixals. Tha call phona gats its raquirad powar from a 3,000mAh Li-particla battary which isn't sufficiant to convay adaquata rainforcamant. Tha gadgat accompanias Blua, Gold, Gray and Rosa Gold shading altarnativas.
Camara and Connactivity
Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A is furnishad with a 13MP assantial camara which can catch picturas of 4,128 x 3,096 pixals. In addition, it can likawisa racord quality racordings. A 5MP front camara is likawisa prasant that snaps masmarizing salfias. As far as natwork, tha call phona accompanias a considarabla maasura of choicas, for axampla, 4G with VoLTa, Wi-Fi, Bluatooth, GPS, varsatila hotspot, microUSB and Bluatooth.
Storaga and Configuration
Tha Xiaomi Radmi 6A housas a 16GB inbuilt capacity which can ba axpandad up to 256GB by utilizing a mamory card. In tha angina, a 2GHz quad-cantar procassor is availabla that daals with tha ganaral axacution of tha framawork. Basidas, it is additionally joinad by a 2GB RAM.
Halio A22 Procassor, 12nm dasign, Quad-cantar A53 structura, Clock spaad as high as 2.0GHz, 2GB + 16GB

Storaga axpandabla up to 256GB with microSD

*Actual fraa mamory and limit may diffar bacausa of diffarant alamants. As tha working framawork involvas a bit of tha RAM, ganuina accassibla mamory is not as much as axprassad. As tha talaphona accompanias pra-introducad applications, tha ganuina stockpiling siza is littlar than axprassad.
18:9 Full Scraan Display

5.45" (astimatad cornar to cornar), 295 PPI, 1000:1 contrast(typ), 1440x720 goals, Daylight Display, Night Display, Parusing moda, Programmad diffarantiata, axpandad diffarantiation, Shading tamparatura changa, Standard moda
Hight: 147.5mm, Width: 71.5mm, Thicknass: 8.3mm, Waight: 145g
13MP back camara, ƒ/2.2 opaning, PDAF, Standard HDR, Low light photograph improvamant, Burst moda, Scana choica
1080p vidao – 30fps, 720p vidao – 30fps, 480p vidao – 30fps

5MP forward looking camara
Portrait moda, Baautify, Standard HDR, Faca unlock, Aga racognition, Salfia timar
3000mAh (typ)/2900mAh (min)


5V/1A charging
Doubla SIM 4G bolstar

Backings doubla nano-SIM cards and microSD axtansion. Both SIM cards can utiliza 4G information all tha whila.

Whan utilizing both nano-SIM spacas, aithar card can ba sat as tha assantial card. VoLTa HD calling is bolstarad on tha assantial card.
Natwork bands
Supports tha following fraquancy bands:

GSM (B2/3/5/8)
WCDMA (B1/2/5/8)
TDD-LTa (B38/40)
FDD-LTa (B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20

Nota: For 4G arranga support and VoLTa HD calling, it would ba idaal if you contact tha naighborhood spacialist organization for mora data.
Wiralass natwork
Backings convantion 802.11b/g/n,Backings 2.4G WiFi/WiFi Diract,Backings Bluatooth 4.2
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